Crash Taylor

Photographer | Filmmaker | Educator

A personal project, photographing visually cool strangers in my home city of Nottingham. Each stranger is asked to make a wish before parting. In December 2019, an  exhibition and book will be produced with all proceeds going to the Save the Children charity. My wife wants me to check into photography rehab for my addiction. She is crazy, it will never happen.

Photography is my passion. At the present time, I teach commercial photography at Nottingham Trent University and private workshops throughout the UK.

I tell all my students to keep shooting, constantly experiment and stay focused on what you love in life.

The equipment used for the portraits as of Nov, 2017.

Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 80d and Fuji GFX50s.

90% of the time, I’m using a 50mm 1.4 Sigma Art lens.

As of October 2016, I’m studying for a MA degree in photography at the finest art school in the UK, Falmouth university.

“In Photography there are no secrets, there are only principles that we don’t know or haven’t mastered yet.”

© All photos by Crash Taylor.

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Take care and keep loving life!

My son and I shooting street portraits. The best assistant in the world.


My first camera! Taken by Dad in Mexico. 1980